Mosaicist - Architectural Mosaic Planning & Design

An organization represented by the finest mosaic artisans. Specialize in upper scale mosaic for residential, commercial, and swimming pool industries.

First, a bit about our artists & craftsmen .

Master craftsman Luigi Scodeller, graduated from the "Scuola id Mosaico Irene" in Spilinbergo, Italy. Has more than 50 years of experience in the elaboration and installation of artistic mosaic artworks. Master Scodeller leads the industry and also represents the masterpieces from Mosaicist.

Mosaicists' workshops are unique for making masterpieces in smalti mosaic glass. The execution process is 100% handmade. The glass smelting is done in small furnaces to attain color purity and porcelain-type brilliance. The irregular shape of tesserae is accomplished using hammers. The devotion of our craftsmen ant their love for the art of mosaic result in the work attained in our studios to be of the highest level.

Here are some recent testimonials from our clients.

"Mosaicist specializes in creating aquatic motif masterpieces. Their mosaic artworks establish beautiful aquatic environments for lifetimes to enjoy."
Douglas Hackl - Hackl Pool Construction

"Mosaicist' unique enamel glass and fabrication process offers a palette of over 1000 colors and tones. In addition to smalti, marble and stones are also in stock. Mosaicist, Inc. is the most complete mosaic company and suits all our needs."
Amaro Jaquechel A.I.A. Taquechel & Associates

"Mosaicist has assisted us in planning & designing our new church and museums. We proudly recommend them for anyone who is interested in fine, quality craftsmanship."
Father Jose Luis Menendez. Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

"Custom designing by Mosaicist is a service that makes our home building business unique and one of a kind."
Helene Hollub - Hollub Construction Group.

"Before every piece is packaged, Mosaicist screens our pieces for any possible missed detail. Quality control is kept by high level artisans."
Rhonda L. Grammer ASID Shelburne Design Group

"Mosaicist' installers performed in a timely manner and worked around our weekend activities. Their installation was very clean and neatly laid out, which was greatly appreciated by the whole facility."
John Barry Jr. St Timothy Catholic Church

"Mosaicist represents the best and most experienced mosaic artists in the world. With the most productive smalti workshops in the industry, their masterpieces are recognized globally."
Gary Thomas Kelly. Distinctive Interiors - Interior Designers

"Mosaicist has an incredible team of artists. We have direct access to the artists that are working on our projects. We do not hesitate in allowing the artists choose and arrange colors when certain color combinations are difficult."
Lauree Simmons. Simmons & Garay Builder/Interior Designer